NCheck Cloud is the next generation biometrics attendance system in the cloud. It provides your employee a safe and secure attendance system as a service in the cloud. No more expensive hardware, no more complicated attendance system, as it enables easy storage and fully secured access to data anytime, anywhere. It offers great scalability, adaptability and automatic upgrades of the system. It also reduces the dedicated IT resource to install, configure and maintaining the system.

Start your attendance with NCheck Cloud and enjoy the benefits of it using Face Biometrics on the cloud. Try NCheck Cloud for free up to 5 users.

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Why NCheck Cloud

NCheck Cloud service saves the organization's operating expenses and avoids costly technology refresh cycles by providing the server hardware updates, bug fixes and features improvement instantly to all its customers. It removes the barriers to adoption, enabling organization to leverage the unique power of Biometric Attendance using live face detection technology without having the dedicated IT staff.

It is built upon world renowned Neurotechnology’s trusted algorithm, called "MegaMatcher"

Power of Cloud

With a cloud attendance system, you can manage your workforce from anywhere in the world with NCheck Cloud. No in-house servers and maintenance.

Biometric Authentication

NCheck Cloud Attendance uses award-winning Neurotechnology biometric algorithms for face authentication. It will prevents from employee fraud.

No specific hardware

Smartphones and tablets freely available in the market can be used as an attendance terminals. No specific hardware is needed.

Location tracking

Location based attendance tracking and control for your mobile and off site employees.

Personal attendance device

Biometric authentication and location tracking allows secure and reliable attendance capture from employee own personal devices.

Flexible plans

We offer most flexible subscriptions that only charge for active employee count. Don't waste your money on non-existent employees.

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud client for Windows

NCheck cloud attendance windows client is our latest client application. It can be installed on any PC or tablet running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher operating system. NCheck Cloud Windows client comes in two versions, the LITE version and STANDARD version. The main difference between these two is Standard client app has face detection and identification features built-in to it. You can download a trial version of NCheck cloud client premium version and see the difference.

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NCheck Bio Attendance Lite for Android

This is the Free NCheck Cloud mobile face attendance application for Android devices. It can be installed and used in any android smartphone or tablet. This client application includes multi-face attendance feature, which can be very helpful when taking attendance from a group of people at once. It has geo location tracking and location restriction support. It's Free, you can install it from following link.

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NCheck Bio Attendance Lite for iOS

NCheck Bio Attendance client for iOS is a simple, lightweight attendance app intended for executive employees. They can use their own iPhone or iPad for check-in and check-out. NCheck Bio Attendance client for iOS can be configured to work with NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud as well as NCheck Bio Attendance standard.

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